Bottle Labeling Machine

By using this system; in addition to food products applications like pet bottle labeling machine, plastic bottle labeling machine, glass bottle labeling machine and jar labeling machine etc it is  also possible to produce machines for labeling bottles of liquids such as anti-freeze, windshear washer fluid. Plastic bottle labeling, glass bottle labeling, pet bottle labeling, jar labeling, bucket  labeling, tetrimak Machine Filling capping and labeling.


Bottle Labeling Machine

Bottle labeling machine


Glass Bottle Plastic Bottle Labeling Machine


In a huge part of the industry, labeling machines have been using nowadays. We know that

especially in food, cleaning, and chemistry sectors, products are being subjected to filling,

capping and labeling processes. In these sectors, products are usually filled into plastic bottle,

glass bottle and jars. These cups that have been filled in are then labelled  by the help of labeling

machine and made ready for shipment to the customer. The machines performing these tasks

are called Bottle Labeling Machines.


Demand Evaluation


Bottle labeling machines are designed in accordance with the customer defined specifications.
Shape and sizes of pet bottle, glass bottle or jars to be labelled and type of the label (one sided

or two sided) are the criteria taken into account during the design phase.


Bottle Labelling Machine Design Phase


During the design phase of the glass bottle labelling machine, machinery drawings are prepared

by technical draftsman by taking the mentioned points into consideration. Starting from this drawing;

meetings are made by technical team to achieve the final design before starting the production phase.


Production Phase


Production phase of the plastic bottle labeling machine is being handled with coordination between

technical teams. Products and half-products whose procurement phase has been completed are

produced in a fastest way in accordance with the production line status and goes through several

testings before the bottle labeling machine is shipped to the customer.



Bottle Labelling Machine Operating Principle


Plastic bottle, glass bottle or glass jars whose filling and caping procedures have been completed

are located on a linear conveyor in the entrance of the labelling machine manually or by means of

robot sequencers. Bottler or jars are labelled by the one sided labelling module or two sided labelling

module by the labelling machine according to the type of the label to be used (one or two sided).

After this, the products are collected on the collecting tray at the end of the conveyor.


What Can Be Labelled With This Labelling Machine?


With the system whose specifications are mentioned above, it is possible to make labeling machine

for food products like pet bottle labeling machine, plastic bottle labeling machine, glass bottle labeling

machine, jar labeling machine etc and also labeling for cups that products like anti-freeze or windshear

washer fluid are filled in.







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