tetrimak Filling Capping and Labeling Machines

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tetrimak Machine Company which has been expertised in production of Filling, capping and labeling machine continues to trasfer their experience of more than 10 years to you, the vaued partners through the machines they have produced.

tetrimak Makine Company is following the trends in the world closely in the area of filling and capping machine and always provides you with most effective solutions after combining the technological devlopments with their experience.

Filling, capping and labeling machine are located in the manufactıring line of many different business sectors. Some these sectors are mainly food industry, medicine industry, cosmetic industry.

We are currently working as partners with many of the leading companies which are acting in the above mentioned sectors in Turkey. In addition; we are also exporting the machines we have produced with the experience we have gained from Turkey to several countries in the world like Turkic Republics and Georgia.

Within this sectoral range, tetrimak machine milk filling machine, cup filling machine, ayran filling machine, glass bottle ayran filling machine, glass bottle milk filling machine, pet bottle filling machine, raw milk filling machine, honey filling machine.

We are providing service to you, our valued customers for production of several machines as tomato paste filling machine, cup filling and closing machine, bottle filling, closing and labelling machine.

Especially, glass bottle ayran filling machine, pet bottle milk filling machine, cup filling machine, honey filling machine plastic bottle fruir juice filling machine are the machines in tetrimak’s product range.

As tetrimak Makine Ltd. Şti company, we will continue to provide you the most correct machine in most effective conditions with our well trained staff and experts.


tetrimak Cup Filling Machine Family 


  • We define your needs and come up with appropriate solutions.
  • We design your requests and put them into practise.
  • We manufacture, we comission and we create effective results.
  • We fill, we cap and we label.
  • We meet all your needs related to filling, capping and labelling.